APARTMENT IN TIMES CITY HANOI                       

Times City Hanoi  was constructed basing on the idea about a modern urban with eco-friendly architecture of The Island Country-Singapore. Vinhomes Times City is the combination of luxury and high-class living space with full of utilities where you and your family can enjoy a comfort and perfect life.

           Tòa nhà Times City

With a total land area of up to 360.500m2 project , the urban complexes Times City Hanoi divided into several functional areas including : luxury apartments system, high -class commercial center , giant park and entertainment, restaurants system, the firstly biggest Aquarium in Hanoi, unique indoor skating rink, general hospital, schools, international standard kindergartens, string of green parks and large lakes across 100.000m2,…Times City became an important factor, wake up potential and contribute to change the face of south area of the capital and bring your family a young, modern and perfect living space.

Vinhomes Times City has been invested by Vingroup to develop health and high quality education system . Including Vinschool system (from preschool to highschool level) and Vinmec International General Hospital.  Vinschool system  works with educational philosophy for students’ comprehensive development from the early years of life, and  combination of domestic and international education quitessence, committing to offer an excellent education pattern, still remain Vietnamese identity and soul.

Vinmec International General Hospital – world-class hospital in Vinhomes Times City with more than 600 of inpatient and closed boarding clinics with full facilities, specially modern equipment along with many excellent service, offering Vinhomes Times City residents in particular and Vietnamse in general an address of professtional and safe healthcare as well as  high quality and world-class healthcare service..


Vinhomes Times City is situated at Hanoi Southeast maingateway;  far away Sword Lake less than 4km from southward (10 minutes driving);  nearby Vinh Tuy Bridge ( not more than 1 km) and Vinhomes Times City connects West gateway to city centre  by modern overhead highway.  Far from ecological tourisist area of  Vinh Hung about 1km. Vinhomes Times City has the most prime location among the projects have been implementing in the region.

          bản đồ vị trí Times City


Vinhomes  Times City has been constructed with 18 continuous blocks from T1 to T18. Each blocks has about 24 to 35 storey- building. Accordingly, 11 buildings were completed and put into use.  Total area is 364.500 square meter. Besides, Vinhomes Times City is designed with 2 basements for supermarket and 2 basements for motorbike and car parking lot. In the near future, Times City will offer more than 900 units/ building and more than 200.000 sqm of floor service, 4000 sqm of Aquarium area and 2000 sqm of Vinpearl Game Area, cinema system.

All of the total area of B1, B2 basement is used for supermarket and commercial services; B3, B4 basement for car and motorbike parking lot.

Toàn cảnh tòa nhà Times City


 Apartment in Times City Hanoi are very modern design with a variety of size and type fully furnished or unfurniture items to suit for different demands of customers. All of mainly apartments type are shown as follow :

Apartment type

Size ( sqm)

The rental without serviced charge

USD/ month

The rental with serviced charge

USD/ month

2 bedrooms
















3 bedrooms











           Toàn cảnh căn hộ Times City

02 bedroom apartments for rent in Vinhomes Times City have different areas:  75,2 sqm/ 86,9sqm/ 95sqm/ 98sqm/ 108sqm under renting.

3 bedroom apartments in Vinhomes Times City design with various area : 110sqm/ 115,6sqm/ 118sqm under renting. 




Officially taking part in the Vietnamese’s Education System since 2013, Vinschool, which is invested by VinGroup, is multi-level and high quality Vietnamese’s education system from preschool to high school.

             Hệ thống trường học Vinschool

In Times City, Vinschool education system has inherited the essence of quality, prestige and class services of VinGroup, including airy and clean environment, the system of modern and high quality equipments, etc. They are one of the advantages that are rare for another schools have.

Moreover, Vinschool has applied the standard of educational programs in Vietnam. Besides, Vinschool has adjusted to focus on English and life skills, encourage the students to develop their creative thinking and gifted. In addition, there are many extracurricular programs, such as summer camps, exchanges, tours will help them practice their self-confidence, as well as knowledge of the culture and society in all over the world.


Built in hospital model of the high quality, with the modern equipment, infrastructure and perfect services, VINMEC is the first international hospital in Vietnam operating in the Hospital Facilities model ( hospital- hotel).  

            Toàn cảnh Vinmec Times City


With more than 600 inpatient clinics of self-contained, comfort, luxury and many specialized support and high-tech centers, VINMEC promises to become an address of fully reliable health care for people in the capital, become a strong brand in health, be competitive and attractive the attention of the people in Southeast Asia.


The whole precint of green trees and lake, which is nearly 100.000 sq.m, designed and arranged harmoniously in entire project, becomes individual highlights. Therefore, they give the residents green, airy and peaceful space. This is making the idea of a modern urban area, a green city which has all amenities, facilities serving people come true.

Green Park Times City


The total area of Square and Stage of Music Fountain in Times City is 10.000 sq.m (excluding the lake). This is a green and brilliant space with flowers, modern architectural construction, making young and friendly things to environment.

            Nhạc nước Times City

 Besides, Times City has many incluđe amenities, good services for everyone who lives here. Such as:  

-         Club activities

-         Camera system

-         Back- up generator

-         24/24 hour  security

-         Basement parking lot

-         The commercial centre, restaurants, offices, Vinmec International General Hospital.

-         School from Preschool to Highschool level

-         Support services

-         Management fee : free within 10 first years        

o   Gymnasium fee : $100/ month

o   Car parking fee : 1.2 million VND/ month

o   Motor parking fee: 100.000 VND/ month

o   Swimming pool fee : free fwithin 10 first years

With the modern architecture of Europe and Asia, Vinhomes Times City commits to become a model urban areas and an important factor awaking the potentiality, contributing to change the face of  South capital’s region and bringing to your family youthful, luxurious and perfect.  


            Môi trường sống xanh Times City

If you want to rent or buy apartment in Times City please contact us for see apartment

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For rent apartments Times City

Cho thuê căn hộ 3 ngủ tại Chung Cư cao cấp Times City

Cho thuê căn hộ 3 ngủ tại Chung Cư cao cấp Times City

Apartment Type: 03 bedroom apartment for rent, Prices: $800 / monthRef: VI25

Land use: 116 m2, Bedroom: 3, Bathroom: 2

Cho thuê căn hộ 3 ngủ tại Chung Cư cao cấp Times City. Căn hộ được thiết kế hiện đại, không gian thoáng, với ánh sáng tự nhiên các phòng, chia phòng ngủ, 2 phòng tắm cùng 1ban công. hướng nhìn vào trung tâm thanh phố. Căn hộ đã trang bị đầy đủ đồ đạc, khách chỉ việc đến ở. Rất phù hợp với hộ gia đình hoặc ngoài nước ngoài đế làm việc và sinh sông tại Việt Nam. lh : 0989.488.668

Cho thuê căn hộ 3 ngủ đủ đồ Times City

Cho thuê căn hộ 3 ngủ đủ đồ Times City

Apartment Type: 03 bedroom apartment for rent, Prices: $850 / monthRef: VI24

Land use: 118 m2, Bedroom: 3, Bathroom: 2

Cần cho Thuê căn hộ tòa T7 Times City Căn Hộ Với diện tích 118m2, đã sắm đầy đủ đồ đạc như: sofa, ti vi phòng khách và phòng ngủ, điều hòa, nóng lạnh, bàn ăn, máy hút bụi, lò vi sóng... Có thể sắm thêm theo yêu cầu của khách. Căn hộ 3 phòng ngủ, 2 vệ sinh, 1 ban công phù hợp với hộ gia đình, người nước ngoài đến ở. Liên hệ:hotline: 0989.488.668 tư vấn trực tiếp 24/24

Cần Cho thuê căn hộ  ngủ tại Times City- Minh Khai

Cần Cho thuê căn hộ ngủ tại Times City- Minh Khai

Apartment Type: 01 bedroom apartment for rent, Prices: $480 / monthRef: VI23

Land use: 55 m2, Bedroom: 1, Bathroom: 1

Căn hộ Times City tòa T6-16 với diện tích 55m2 đầy đủ tiện nghi như Sofa, bàn ăn, tủ lạnh, điều hòa, tv, máy giặt, bếp, lò vi sóng, máy hút bui, với 1 phòng ngủ, 1 vệ sinh, 1 ban công, các phòng ánh sáng tự nhiên. Quý khách có thể đến ở luôn. Liên hệ:hotline: 0989.488.668 tư vấn trực tiếp 24/24

Cho thuê căn hộ đủ đồ 1 ngủ Times City

Cho thuê căn hộ đủ đồ 1 ngủ Times City

Apartment Type: 01 bedroom apartment for rent, Prices: $450 / monthRef: VI22

Land use: 55 m2, Bedroom: 1, Bathroom: 1

Cho thuê căn hộ times City đầy đủ đồ khách chỉ việc đến ở, căn hộ với diện tích 55m2 chi 1 phòng ngủ, 1 ban công, 1 phòng khách, các phòng ánh sáng tự nhiên, tầng cao thoáng đãng. Nội thất đẹp, hiện đại,căn hộ phù hợp với khách nước ngoài đến côn tác và làm việc lâu dài tại Việt Nam. Liên hệ:hotline: 0989.488.668 tư vấn trực tiếp 24/24

Cho thuê căn hộ Times City 3 ngủ full đồ cực đẹp

Cho thuê căn hộ Times City 3 ngủ full đồ cực đẹp

Apartment Type: 03 bedroom apartment for rent, Prices: $800 / monthRef: VI21

Land use: 118 m2, Bedroom: 3, Bathroom: 2

Cần cho thuê căn hộ Times City đầy đủ đồ, nội thất đẹp. Căn hộ với diện tích 118m2 được thiết 3 phòng ngủ đều ánh sáng tự nhiên, 1 phòng khách, 1 ban công, 2 vệ sinh. Nằm tại tòa T7 Vị trí đẹp, cao cực thoáng mát. Liên hệ trực tiếp: hotline Mr Anh: 0961.614.658 tư vấn trực tiếp 24/24h

Cho thuê căn hộ Times City 2 ngủ đủ đồ cực đẹp

Cho thuê căn hộ Times City 2 ngủ đủ đồ cực đẹp

Apartment Type: 01 bedroom apartment for rent, Prices: $650 / monthRef: VI20

Land use: 108 m2, Bedroom: 2, Bathroom: 2

Cần cho thuê căn hộ Times City đầy đủ đồ, nội thất đẹp. Căn hộ với diện tích 108m2 được thiết kế 2 phòng ngủ ,02 phòng tắm,01 phòng khách,khu bếp.Nội thất của căn hộ được trang bị đầy đủ như tivi,tủ lạnh,điều hòa,máy giặt. Nằm tại tòa T6 hướng ban công nhìn ra hướng khu nhạc nước cực đẹp.Giá cho thuê của căn hộ là 700usd/tháng. Liên hệ:hotline: 0989.488.668 tư vấn trực tiếp 24/24

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